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Customer Profile - Strongside Concealment

Like many small businesses, Strongside Concealment started out as a hobby that turned into a full time business. Conrad Miller, founder and owner, started making KYDEX® holsters in 2012 by hand. As demand increased and sales grew, Conrad decided the business had come to a point where he would need to manufacture his own tooling, or else face substantial costs for the custom tooling that set his company apart from others. 1911 form for molding a Kydex holster Conrad invested in a 3D Scanner from NextEngine and a Laguna Tools Swift CNC router, intending to only mill aluminum for his business, plus wood

5 Reasons to Check Out our Weekly HSM Webinar

Autodesk is committed to continuously improving our software to meet your needs, and sharing that information with our customers and to those interested in an HSM CAM solution. An important aspect of this effort is providing live, informative content to those interested parties in a regular manner. Weekly webinars, focusing on different topics each week, can help you to get the most out of your HSM solution. These webinars may focus on getting started, turning, 3-axis milling or be extended question and answer sessions. The webinar is always on Friday, at 1:00pm in the afternoon, Eastern Standard Time. Similarly, your ideas

HSMWorks 2016 R3 released

We are pleased to announce that HSMWorks 2016 R3 is available for download. This latest version of HSMWorks has new features including: Can turn off axial grooving independently from radius grooving in Turning Added Tool Libraries for common materials Added a preserve order for 2D Chamfer Added short, long and vendor description for post selection tool tip Added ability to open online post library from post dialog menu Besides new functionality, we are happy to announce that 49 separate user submitted tickets have been resolved. This continual improvement and development will show up in the day to day quality use

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Hear from Our Customers

“We started to use HSMWorks and couldn’t believe how easy it was to create the professional results we were looking for. The clean UI and seamless integration with SolidWorks allowed us to significantly increase our ability to revise our design and produce the best possible trucks for skaters.”

Chris Chaput, Owner & Designer, Liquid Trucks

“With HSMWorks we were able to significantly shorten lead times and substantially improve the surface qualities, coupled with lower tool wear compared to our previous CAM system”

Klaus Pohl, Operations Manager, Pohl GmbH & Co. KG

“With HSMWorks we save over 20% in engineering time and we are 30% faster in comparison to our previous system.”

Alexander Zetterer, CEO, Zetterer Präzision GmbH

“I needed a system that could accommodate my design changes, and helped me control my time and costs. Only HSMWorks helped me do that!”

Joe Caswell, Owner & Designer, Caswell Knives